What are the FIFA World Cup™ Official Films?

Since 1954, internationally renowned film-makers have been commissioned to produce a FIFA World Cup™ Official Film of each World Cup. These films cover each tournament in its entirety, with all of the goals and highlights shot from every conceivable angle with a depth and quality of coverage that is unsurpassed.


Are the FIFA World Cup™ Official Films the same as the television pictures I have seen?

Yes and no. Like the TV coverage, all of the best goals, saves and action are covered, but these are all seen from many different angles and perspectives. Also the Official Films have a richer, deeper, cinematic quality that can only be achieved by shooting on film.


Are the FIFA World Cup™ Official Films in colour?

All of the FIFA World Cup™ Official Films from 1966 onwards to the present day are in colour. The 1954, 1958 and 1962 films are all in black and white.


Does the FIFA Archive have any pre 1954 material?

Yes, footage is available from all of the pre 1954 tournaments going back to 1930. This material is, however, limited and FIFA is always keen to source any un-discovered footage. Please see acquisitions.


How far back does the television coverage go?

Every televised game from 1966 to the present day is held in the FIFA Films Archive.


I know I want some FIFA World Cup™ material, but I am not exactly sure what. Can you help?

Yes, FIFA Films have a dedicated team of researchers who can find the kind of action and footage you need. All FIFA Films Archive footage is logged on a purpose-built, state of the art database, making it quick and easy to locate suitable and diverse material for clients.


When I have decided on the material I want and all of the terms and contracts have been agreed and signed, how is it delivered to me?

FIFA Films can send you the final material on any known tape/disc format or standard, or alternatively by digital file transfer on an FTP.


I need a FIFA World Cup™ themed commercial promo produced for a worldwide marketing campaign, can you produce tailor-made programming?

The FIFA Films Archive has numerous broadcast facilities, including full digital editing suites and avids. FIFA Films can produce tailor made programming incorporating FIFA footage


I need further guidance and would like to speak to somebody in person?

Please go to the contacts page and call a member of the FIFA Films sales team.