The FIFA FILMS Catalogue contains not only footage from all the FIFA tournaments, but also the collection of FIFA World Cup™ films, a selection of classic matches highlighting the emotive history, as well as the FIFA FILMS produced programming. It is divided up to give an overview of the vast amount of footage available as follows:


- FIFA World Cup™ 2006 in HD

- FIFA World Cup™ Route To The Final (1966-2006)

- FIFA World Cup™ Classic Matches

- FIFA World Cup™ Film Collection (1930-2002)

- Mini FIFA World Cup™ Collection (1966-2006)

- FIFA World Cup™ Shocks

- FIFA World Cup™ Stories

- FIFA World Cup™ Final (1966-2006)

- FIFA World Cup™ Moments & Vignettes

- FIFA World Cup™ Classic Players

- FIFA World Cup™ Nations

The FIFA World Cup™ Film Collection produced from 1930 onwards offers a feature length movie of each tournament in which the past comes back to life, with the depth of coverage, close-up intimacy and dramatic perspective that is unique to these films it is the greatest archive source of the magical and unforgettable moments of FIFA World Cup™ history.


The fourteen films of the FIFA World Cup™ 1930-2002 offer a unique in sight of the FIFA World Cup™ over the 70 years of its history. From the tense last moments of "Goal", the colour record of England’s only FIFA World Cup™ victory in 1966, an era when television was black and white. To the award winning “Hero” narrated by Michael Caine, made at the 1986 FIFA World Cup™ in Mexico. Mostly shot in 35mm and filmed by cameramen who have unique skills and experience in filming of football, it focuses on Maradona’s finest and most controversial hour.


While television provides a complete record, the films fill many other commercial purposes, which make them valuable not just to networks, but to production companies, sponsors and advertisers. The films provide some of the best archive material, offering close-up and slow motion, creating mood, showcasing an incident or capturing a key moment in sharp focus. These are the films which stand the test of time.

The FIFA World Cup™ Film Collection 1930-2002 is available exclusively through FIFA FILMS.

The FIFA World Cup™ Television Collection includes all the televised FIFA World Cup™ matches from 1966-2010.


Often referred to as the International Feed this is the broadcast you would of seen 'live' during the tournament on TV. The FIFA World Cup™ Television Collection (1966-2010) provides a full record of every match from kick off to the final whistle.


The FIFA World Cup™ has produced many exciting matches that will live long in the memory...


...Who could forget Portugal’s incredible comeback against North Korea in 1966

Arguably the best Brazilian team in the final against Italy in 1970

The Dutch playing their "Total Football" all the way to the final in 1974

Archie Gemmil's goal helping Scotland to victory over the Netherlands in 1978

Maradona almost single handily winning the tournament for Argentina in 1986

The emergence of African football as Cameroon beat Argentina in 1990

Bulgaria making it to the semi final beating West Germany en route in 1994

England losing on penalties to Argentina in 1998

Korea Republic beating the likes of Italy and Spain in 2002

An unforgettable opening match between Germany and Costa Rica in 2006

Or the whole world getting behind Ghana against Uruguay in the quarter finals in 2010?


FIFA FILMS can provide these matches in full or just as clips if a specific moment, player or goal is required.


While dominated by material from the FIFA World Cup™ the FIFA FILMS archive also covers Other FIFA Events (OFE).


These OFE's include men's and women's tournaments such as the FIFA Confederations Cup, FIFA Women's World Cup™, FIFA Futsal World Cup, FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup and the FIFA U-17/U-20 World Cups.


These tournaments more than match the drama and excitement of the FIFA World Cup™ itself, offering a rich variety of magical moments, sublime skill and endeavor.